Here's a great Free product for you

Here's a great free product for you. This is a video on "how to build a one page sales page" and has been created to help anyone wishing to create a wordpress website.

The film takes you through how you can build an ecommerce site within a day. You are guided step-by step through the process of easily creating the site...

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How To Build A One Page Sales Page Free Video A Free Product For You

the video Rights

The rights with this free product for you include:

  • he right to change the title of this product,, in whole or in part.
  • They do NOT include the right to resell or grant rights to others. 
  • This product may not be given away free - either as individual videos nor as complete sets, online or offline. 
  • This product may be distributed offline as physical DVD.recordings, or online - but may not be made available on any free video service open to the general public without payment (i.e They may not be displayed openly on YouTube or similar free to view sites). 
  • This product may never be sold as part of any MLM (multilevel marketing) scheme or similar. These products may not be marketed using “spam” (unsolicited email). 
  • The product can be rebranded. Such rebranding may not use the name of the trainer in its titles.

Who is the video for?

This video is for:

  • Business owners
  • Anyone wishing to sell something online
  • Anyone wanting to let customers buy online
  • And requires no coding or programming experience

sections in the video:

WHy wordpress?

There are many advantages to building a Wordpress site. This free product for you will address these including:

  • The fact that it is Free (open source)
  • It is Widely used, so well supported
  • It's also Easy to find developers (less expensive)
  • Has plenty of themes and plugins
  • Inexpensive for most generic things
  • Low-hassle to add pages and maintain

Decide on A Good Website Name

Domain name is a brand

The next section discusses the domain name and how to connect it with your brand:

  • eg
  • Do you have a brand?
  • Do you have a user base already that can easily bring with you to the site?
  • Do you have a strong marketing budget to make customers aware of the site?

Your domain name that describes the product or service (keywords)

So what is a domain name and how to make it easier for the search engines to understand your site:

  • e.g
  • More search engine friendly, as it’s easier to guess what the site is about from the name
  • Might seem less reputable than a brand?
  • Try to put yourself in the shoes of a customer

Deciding on a good website name

Try a hybrid approach?

  • e.g
  • Part brand/part keyword
  • Other considerations
  • Local or International? or .com?
  • Use hyphens or not? 
  • There is a 67 character limit on urls

How websites work

A website is just a bunch of files and folders

The files are stored on a computer that’s on the internet (the hosting account)

That hosting account is linked to the domain name/address

When someone tries to access the domain, the browser is pointed to the hosting account, so the user sees the right files

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